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Concept Cayman

Porsche Cayman - Idea


It’s time for a sports car that turns the curve into a code and completely reinterprets passion for the sports car with a compelling mid-engine concept, which provides a low and central centre of gravity for a precise and direct driving feel and offers improved performance at the same time as...

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Porsche Cayman - Exterior


Character, profile and a clear point of view. These values have been encoded in the Cayman genes since the very beginning. And it certainly shows.

The front is dominated by the prominent wings for which Porsche is renowned and features succinctly styled headlights inspired by the Porsche racing...

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Porsche Cayman - Interior


The development is focused on the driver. The interior helps the driver concentrate on the essentials. With a feeling of open space and plenty of freedom of movement around the low-positioned standard Sports seats. An imposing feature of the interior is the ascending centre console.

We believe that...

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Porsche Cayman - Character


Impressive driving dynamics with practically zero pitch and roll are ensured by the precise, lightweight chassis. Giving you the benefit of a more comfortable and safer drive.

The front section, with its large air intakes, is distinctive. The 18-inch Cayman wheels with tyre pressure monitoring (TPM)...

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