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Dynamic gearbox mounts Boxster

Porsche - Dynamic gearbox mounts

Dynamic gearbox mounts

The Sport Chrono Package also includes dynamic gearbox mounts. The electronically controlled system minimises the oscillations and vibrations of the entire drivetrain, particularly the engine, combining the advantages of hard and soft gearbox mounts.

Hard gearbox mounts are best for dynamic performance because they contribute towards greater driving precision. On the other hand, soft gearbox mounts minimise oscillations and vibrations. This increases comfort on uneven roads, but at the expense of dynamic performance.

Dynamic gearbox mounts adapt their stiffness and damping performance to driving style and road surface conditions. This is achieved using a fluid with magnetic properties and an electrically generated magnetic field. For you, this means that the gearbox mounts change according to the conditions. Under load change conditions and in fast corners, handling is much more stable, while, with a more moderate driving style, comfort is increased thanks to the softer setting of the dynamic gearbox mounts.

This results in a thrilling sports performance when cornering – as well as a more comfortable ride.

With the SPORT or SPORT PLUS button you can switch the dynamic gearbox mounts from ‘Normal’ to ‘Sport’ or ‘Performance’ mode. In conjunction with the optional PCM, you can view the lateral and longitudinal forces as they act on the vehicle on the colour screen in the righthand circular instrument.