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Boxer engines

The mid-mounted engine belongs at Porsche and it belongs in the Boxster. The advantages speak for themselves. The centre of gravity is low and in the middle, with the weight uniformly distributed between the front and rear axles. This is reflected in the well balanced handling characteristics and excellent manoeuvrability, especially when cornering.

Combining the intrinsic values of high performance with comparatively low fuel consumption and emission figures. Made possible by racetrack engineering – for the road.

The engines are equipped with VarioCam Plus and direct fuel injection (DFI) as standard. As well as efficient technologies such as auto start/stop, electrical system recuperation and enhanced thermal management.

What else could we have given the midmounted engine? An even more agile response. One press of the SPORT button on the centre console makes engine performance even more dynamic for driving pleasure at the limits of performance.