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Porsche Promotes Road Safety at the Dubai MotorshowAt the Porsche Kids Driving School children have fun in 911 pedal cars while learning about road safety

Dubai. Porsche Middle East & Africa joined efforts with the Dubai Police, to continue their road safety campaign introduced in 2006 and targeting children in the region. The aim of this campaign is to have as many children as possible aged between four and eight years, benefit from this entertaining and educational program.

Deesch Papke, Managing Director of Porsche Middle East & Africa, underlined how this campaign complements Porsche’s comprehensive approach to safety: “The importance of promoting road safety cannot be overstated. And through the Porsche Kids Driving School, we want to ensure that the next generation gets a head start in road safety by learning important rules such as using a child seat, always wearing a seat belt and how to cross the road safely.”

A small road-track including zebra crossings, traffic signals and road signs was set up in front of Hall 1 at Dubai World Trade Centre during the time of the Dubai Motorshow. After a short briefing by a qualified instructor on traffic signs and rules, more than 600 children drove on the track while adhering to basic road safety rules. At their disposal were Porsche cars like no other: 911 pedal cars.

Every participating child received an easy-to-understand booklet on road safety rules, and on completion of the session was also awarded a personalised plastic 'Porsche Driving License' stating “My First License – I Know My Road Rules”. Although this does not permit the child to drive, it does indicate that the card holder has participated in a road safety program.

Dubai Police Major, Mr. Yousuf Juma Obaid Al Ali states: “Since educating children about safety, especially in a joyful and passionate automotive atmosphere, has profound and long-term benefits, we never hesitated in collaborating with Porsche Middle East & Africa in this innovative road safety campaign. We are confident that the effectiveness of this program will be immediate, enormous as well as long lasting.”

At the end of the session, each child received a “Porsche Safety Driving Book” for his or her parents, promoting awareness of traffic rules and explain what we can all do to make the roads safer for us and our children.

Rules, regulations and the right behavior while driving on roads:
1. After getting into the vehicle the driver has to sit up straight, before checking
the side and rearview mirrors and then set a good example for others by   fastening his seatbelt in order to prevent direct front impact in case of an accident.
2. Maintain the speed limit on all internal and external roads.
3. Concentrate on driving and watch the road, paying attention to traffic movement and pedestrians.
4. While driving, avoid any distractions such as talking on a mobile phone, listening to the radio, or talking to passengers and children in the car.
5. Follow the traffic signs and maintain a safe distance from other cars.
6. Abide by the rule of limiting the tint in windows to just 30% to avoid any risks such as reduced vision while driving at night.
7. Never stop the car on external roads without using the flashers or the warning lights.
8. Comply with the Police manual signs and stop when they signal you to do so.
9. Maintain a safe distance from other cars in front of you and behind you, when attempting to change lanes, and use your indicators to signal your direction.
10. Avoid overtaking in prohibited areas.
11. Reduce your speed in residential areas.
12. Reduce your speed at road curves and near hospitals and schools.
13. Obey traffic rules such as not driving in the opposite direction of the traffic.
14. Never leave your car key within the reach of children.
15. Never let children sit behind the steering wheel.
16. Don’t leave children alone in the car when the engine is running.

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