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Cayman S crowns the inauguration of Porsche’s official operations in PakistanPorsche reveals long-term plans in Pakistan

Lahore: Porsche Middle East & Africa is proud to announce the official launch of Porsche operations in the heart of Pakistan, in the state of the art Porsche Centre Lahore. This highly important event coincides with the launch of Porsche’s all-new Cayman S in the Pakistani market. Furthermore, a new Porsche showroom will open in Karachi in May 2006 while the Service Centre has already been operational there since January 2006. Porsche’s next step in Pakistan will be the relocation to a permanent facility scheduled to take place during 2007.

Speaking at the event, Deesch Papke, Managing Director of Porsche Middle East and Africa, said: “It is rewarding to come back to Pakistan after less than a year and witness the vast progress achieved to date. This temporary facility we are in at present leaves us full of confidence in our partner’s ability to present the Porsche brand in Pakistan the way it is meant to be. Launching our latest all-new model here, the Cayman S, only adds to the significance of the occasion. Sales of this brilliant mid-engined coupe around the world are above expectations, a trend we expect to reflect strongly in the Pakistani market.”

Although sales and service activities have already started, the official launch ceremonies were postponed due to the devastation following the earthquake in Northern Pakistan. However, as promised in August 2005 when the importership was awarded to Autotechnik, the opening date for the temporary facility (Porsche Centre Lahore) took place in the first quarter of 2006.

Abuzar Bokhari, Chairman of Porsche Centre Lahore & Karachi, Autotechnik Pvt. Ltd., stressed the significance of holding on to previously set targets: “Meeting targets is one way of assessing a company’s professionalism and strong commitment to its business case. From this perspective, it is with utmost pleasure that I present to you the state of the art Porsche Centre in the heart of Pakistan, Lahore. It is with this kind of work that Autotechnik proves its full commitment to spreading Porsche’s culture of pure-bred sports car excellence throughout Pakistan.”

Cayman S will be the first in a series of new Porsche models to hit the Pakistani roads. Soon, the second most powerful road car ever built by Porsche after the Carrera GT, the Cayenne Turbo S, will follow in addition to the legendary new 911 Turbo and 911 GT3 in summer. The latter two cars will brim with many firsts in automotive technology that would guarantee a shattering performance and unrivalled driving pleasure.

On the other hand, Attique Ahmed, CEO of Porsche Centre Lahore & Karachi, Autotechnik Pvt. Ltd., detailed the progress on ground for Porsche in Pakistan: “Frantic activity in the past 11 months has resulted in great accomplishments. A Porsche showroom has already opened in Lahore, while another one will open soon in Karachi. Meanwhile, the site for the permanent Porsche Centre Lahore has been secured, while plans for the facility are in the process of being finalized. Currently, Autotechnik employs a staff of highly experienced and competent employees. As usual, training is an integral part of the development program all employees are subjected to.”

Meanwhile, Porsche Middle East & Africa is on the way to setting a new sales record of at least 4,500 new cars by the end of the current 2005/06 fiscal year. In the first sixth months of this fiscal year sales were once again clearly exceeding the same period of the previous year and our order books are well filled. These figures confirm the strong growth potential of the Middle East region. Porsche will definitely continue to expand regionally in close cooperation with its motivated partners.

Announcing the official launch of Porsche operations in Pakistan lays the foundations for a true sports car experience like no other. Every Porsche driver deserves the best, and the company’s strict corporate identity guidelines, to which every Porsche Centre adheres, definitely guarantee that.