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Gentlemen, Start your Engines: Porsche Unveils its True Might in New Delhi.Good Prognosis for Porsche in India says Bishop

New Delhi, October 26th, 2004 - Porsche today unveiled its current model line up and presented its partners in the region at an introductory event organized for the media in India. Porsche’s arrival and subsequent launch in the country comes at a time when statistically the luxury car segment is firmly gaining ground in the marketplace. Although in India Porsche initially expects sales of its sports cars and its SUV, the Cayenne, to be comparatively soft compared to other markets, it anticipates strong volume sales in the years to come.

The Dubai-based Porsche Middle East (PME) subsidiary of Porsche AG is responsible for the Indian market. Mark Bishop, managing director of PME, speaking at the press conference today, said, “We recognise we are going to start small in India. We have no finite targets and future opportunities while very promising are still not determined.

“India,” he continued, “Is one of the few markets in the world which offers enormous potential and we believe them to be immense for Porsche. Driving pleasure, a lot of fun and perhaps even the promise of unexplored roads and routes are just a few of the things on the menu for Porsche customers in India. I believe India is ready for Porsche.”

In Delhi, Porsche is represented by Exclusive Motors which is run by Mr. Satya Bagla and in Mumbai by Sheryan Motors, headed by Mr. Ashish Chordia. Both importers plan to open Porsche Centres by the end of this year in their respective cities, built to worldwide standards which will house a showroom and after-sales facilities.

Furthermore, Porsche Middle East has plans to expand its reach in India with representation in Hyderabad, Bangalore and possibly Chennai

Revealed at the event were the newest models from Stuttgart, Germany-based Porsche AG, including the new Boxster S, on show for one of the first times outside the Paris Motor Show earlier this month when it was publicly launched.

The new Boxster, the second generation after its initial debut in 1996, genetically hails from a long line of legends, including the renowned Spyder, and is responsible for further growing the Porsche lure over the past eight years.

As Porsche’s entry level model and most affordable sports car, power and performance are not compromised by the active and passive safety features this car provides. Notable is the fact that the new Boxster is the first roadster in the world to secure passengers against lateral impact using head airbags.

The agile Boxster S will be available in India in early 2005, when the 280 HP, 3.2 litre engine roadster with a maximum speed of 256 km/h, capable of performing the 0-100 km sprint in 5.5 seconds, will hit the streets.

Also present was the Cayenne, the SUV, in all three model versions including the entry-level Cayenne with the V6 engine, The Cayenne S with a V8 engine offering 340 bhp and the top of the range Cayenne Turbo with 450 bhp. The Turbo model accelerates from 0-100 in 5.6 seconds and has a top speed of 266 km/h. It is very fast for any car of any size; the fastest SUV on the market. The Cayenne is distinguished as a high-riding off-road car that corners like a normal, well-sorted sports saloon. In engineering terms, it is truly something close to remarkable.

Bishop said, “The Cayenne is a true sports car. It is nimble; it is safe. It is a perfect car for the Indian road conditions, the climate and is superbly suited to the Indian lifestyle. Most important, it offers sound and solid German engineering and reliability, like all our models.”

Also on display was the newest from the 911 Carrera stable, the 911 Carrera S; which will be launched in India on the 6th of November along with its sibling the 911 Carrera. The elegant and dynamic 911 Carrera is no newcomer. It has been seen and heard on the streets now for more than forty fast years, evolving over the years and yet staying true to its original, timeless design. This new 6th generation 911, in this case the S version, is faster than its direct predecessor, accelerating from 0-100 in 4.8 seconds with a top speed of 293 km/h. The engineering masterpiece and cherished sports car has a 3.8 litre engine and 355 bhp, offering outstanding driving pleasure. So rev those engines for, “A Porsche customer is usually a customer for life; we are certain we will have many such lifelong friends in India very soon,” concluded Bishop with a smile.

Report from 27/10/2004