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Streets of Bahrain Come Alive in run-up to the F1 Grand Prix Bahrain. February 19, 2004 - Porsche Club of Bahrain is in on the fever

Automotive fanatics, speed demons, F1 lovers and a host of others with an eye for spectacular sports cars, a fondness for beauty and a taste for excitement, showed up on the Manama seafront highway one Friday in February, in the centre of the Kingdom´s capital. The unique spectacle witnessed the first time that a modern day Formula One car had driven at speed in the Middle East.

The day consisted of several parades including FIA Middle East rally Champions, Harley Davidsons, vintage cars and a breathtaking run of more than 15 Porsche sports cars, a virtual myriad of colours, owned by members of the Porsche Club of Bahrain who were visibly pleased to be part of a day of firsts for the region and to drive their cars in such a memorable event.

Said Alison Holmes, the Porsche Club of Bahrain’s secretary, “As a first in Bahrain, a drive like this was a totally new experience for club members; it was a big thrill for all who took part. Spectators as well had a great time watching the cars as no two on the drive today were alike; we had everything from Boxsters to a GT2, all colours and a variety of specifications.

“Having the chance today to drive freely in such a line up on a main highway was fantastic, the same highway we drive down almost every day under such totally different circumstances. Pure Porsche magic.”

Following the parade, a Sauber Petronas zipped down the streets to hit sheer speeds of up to 360 kph.

The event was a curtain-raiser for the Bahrain Grand Prix, which brought Formula One racing to Bahrain for the first time on April 4, 2004. No one there that day has forgotten the fun to this day and all are looking forward to the next high speed, high profile event. We’ll keep you posted…

Report from 02/05/2004