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Auto Spice Hits the Road January 25th, 2004 - Twelve Porsche Cayennes take on the land

Clearly twelve is a special number. There are twelve months in a year, twelve years in a felony sentence and twelve sentences in a paragraph. There are twelve eggs in a dozen and twelve ounces to a pound. Twelve days of Christmas…and the list goes on. Recently on one very special day, there were twelve Porsche Cayennes on the roads in Dubai which, if you were lucky enough to spot them driving by, would have made you do a double take and suck in your breath; such a show of absolute might and automotive prowess in a sparkling lineup is somewhat rare. And with all the controversy and excitement stirred up over the past two years or so when it was first announced that Porsche would build an SUV, even those of us who are not confirmed car fanatics can appreciate the sight of true power and beauty on four wheels.
The convoy was not a customer delivery run or a day out as part of the local Porsche Club of the UAE’s regular driving events but rather a media ‘discovery’ drive organized by Dubai-based Porsche Middle East to give the TV stations and magazines in the region a real Cayenne experience on their own terrain in a venture across the UAE. The Cayenne Turbo, Cayenne S and the Cayenne with a V6 engine were all present.

Nearly 400 kilometers were covered. Over tarmac and onto rock, plunging and plowing through water and sand before returning once more onto the smooth highway leading back to the city lights of Dubai in the early evening. The road took our group through Kalba, Hatta and across to the Omani border where wadis and rough roads in the rugged Hajjar mountains fall away to reveal soft sands and pristine dunes. Picture postcard material and perfect for the camera crews looking for such settings.
For everyone that day, there was much to discover about the car as there are a lot of things that are different about the Porsche Cayenne; first and foremost the fact that it is an SUV and a Porsche. The Porsche Cayenne Turbo plays across the sports car, luxury sedan, and off-road vehicle markets and is capable of winning in any segment. It offers a uniquely realized vision of a vehicle that can do virtually anything extremely well and boasts everything extremely fine in the furnishing. The stunning sound system alone will keep you sweet for years to come.

Performance is 100% Porsche. The S version is fast and nimble and the Turbo is like a lion. The brakes are the best on any SUV by far. We drove the vehicles off road through rough mountain roads, over loose rocks and steep inclines through wadis and up and over steep sand dunes. Going down the other side in low gear was no problem. The Porsche Cayenne is leaps and bounds better than the competition. The twelve that day proved it beyond a doubt.
And for the record, the number twelve is the most ancient of the "combination numbers" being the first actual combination which can be made without duplication in the Arabic numeral system. The number is derived from Egeria, the Roman water goddess who is often pictured carrying twelve jugs of water (invariably spilling some, thus creating the earth's lakes, oceans and rivers), although in her case, the number would have been XII.

Report from 08/03/2004