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Supercar Superstar! December 6th, 2003 - Porsche’s Carrera GT roars into the new Al Nabooda Showroom, ready to lead the lineup for Porsche at the upcoming motor show

Dubai - Before the eyes of the Middle East media this evening, Porsche’s Carrera GT made its Middle East debut at the new Al Nabooda showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road. The super car was driven into the arena by Roland Kussmaul of Porsche AG in Germany who, while not single-handedly, is by and large responsible for the Carrera GT‘s existence. And as one of Porsche’s most experienced and capable drivers since his 1974 debut and subsequent wins in key rallies and races including several Le Mans, African Safaris and Paris Dakar rallies, his presence at the event was only overshadowed by the line up of Porsche beauties themselves.

Porsche, the smallest, most profitable and only remaining independent car manufacturer in the world, this year showcases a wide variety of new models. All of which highlight the dynamics of Porsche, all of them bearing the distinct Porsche styling and racing car bred aerodynamics. Porsche has never looked stronger.

Mark Bishop, Porsche Middle East’s managing director, regaled the first Middle East appearance of the Carrera GT in the new showroom as indicative of the strength and appeal Porsche is gaining in the region. Bishop announced that, “Porsche Middle East has recently become the 5th largest subsidiary for Porsche in the world, following closely behind major markets in Europe and the US.

“During the 2003 calendar year Porsche Middle East will sell around 1650 vehicles, an increase of 290% over the previous calendar year. By the end of November, we had already sold 1180 Cayennes and 386 sports cars in the region.
“Several factors contributed to that success, including of course the introduction of the Cayenne, which received a phenomenal reception in all our markets. And we expect the future to be even rosier – we aim to reach sales of close to 2000 in the next calendar year,” he added. The new showroom displayed Boxsters, all three versions of the Cayenne, several 911s including the 911 Turbo, the special 40th anniversary model of the 911 and the 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet, recently voted in Milan as the world’s most beautiful open sports car during the celebrated “World’s Most Beautiful Automobile” awards.

Meanwhile over in Stuttgart the wheels are still spinning out idea after idea. Porsche introduced no less than seven new models in the current business year; several to the 911 range, the Cayenne with the powerful V6 engine and of course today’s star, the Carrera GT. All this during a very special year for the company which celebrated the 40th birthday of the 911 in style. 1963 of the 40th anniversary 911s have been built to mark the occasion.

Report from 07/03/2004