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First Porsche Centre in the ME Opens its Doors in KuwaitDecember 8, 2003 - Behbehani's state-of-the-art facility ensures Porsche gives customers the same service and standards offered internationally

Behbehani furthered its long term commitment to the Porsche brand in Kuwait following the official opening today of the all-new and beautifully-appointed 'Porsche Center Kuwait'. The Center, a state-of-the-art facility fully in keeping with international standards, offers, “The finest in workmanship, technology and exclusivity,” according to Mr. Hans Riedel, Porsche AG’s Stuttgart, Germany-based executive vice president of sales and marketing, who was visiting for the occasion along with Mark Bishop, Porsche Middle East’s (PME) Dubai-based managing director.

Behbehani Motors, back in 1954, was the first official Porsche importer to be registered in the Middle East. And today, the center is the first such facility to open in the region, boasting special high tech tooling and computer diagnostic systems. Certified sales staff, after-sales service technicians and Porsche-trained staff are dedicated to ensuring Behbehani Motors’ ongoing commitment to customer care remains high at all levels.

The Porsche Centre Kuwait comprises 4000 sq meters and cost an estimated 10 million US$ build and is in complete accordance with Porsche's corporate identity. The facility encompasses a vehicle display area, a customer delivery point and state-of-the-art Porsche after-sales facilities. The customer service area includes direct dialogue receptions fully equipped for brake, shock absorber and emission control testing, a hard top storage facility and a Porsche Tequipment and Selection retail area.

"Porsche Middle East and Porsche AG are delighted by this new, dedicated facility. I see this building as a convincing symbol of the confidence Behbehani place in our brand. We are delighted to see the Behbehani family’s nearly 50 years’ commitment to Porsche crystallized by their investment in this beautiful new establishment,” said Bishop. ”The Centre gives our customers a true Porsche experience and a place to stop in for a coffee and talk everything Porsche!"

It was fifty years ago that the first Porsche sports car to arrive on the sandy shores of the Gulf countries in fact happened here in Kuwait – a 356, brought in by Mr. Morad Behbehani who was a real aficionado of the brand even back then.

Bishop said Kuwait this year is on target in terms of business. "By the end of November this year we had delivered a total of 210 Porsche cars to customers here, 153 of which were Cayennes and 57 of which were sport cars. Which is fantastic!”

Lovers of Porsche have already caught a preview of what the Porsche Centre Kuwait has to offer in the form of latest Model 2004 offerings during the recent Kuwait Motor Show. On display were the very latest from the Porsche stable, including the ever popular Boxster and Boxster S models, several 911s, including the latest to be introduced, the 911 Turbo Cabriolet and 2 of the 3 Cayenne family members, the Cayenne Turbo and the Cayenne S. The latest member, the Cayenne with the powerful V6 engine, will be revealed later this week in the region and priced competitively at $45,700.

The development of the Middle East region has been a real success story for Porsche. 911 sales remain at the record level of the previous business year and PME has become the 5th largest subsidiary in the world, after major Porsche markets such as Germany and the USA.

PME will have delivered over 1700 vehicles by the end of 2003 throughout the Middle East region, up 290% over last year’s figures. By the end of November, they had already sold 1180 Cayennes and 386 sports cars and PME aims to reach close to the 2000 mark in the coming year.

During the last three years, half of Porsche Middle East's current 15 dealerships in the region have been refurbished or newly constructed. The company has recently opened a dealership in the Yemen and India will soon follow suit, in 2004.

Report from 07/03/2004