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Transsyberia Rally 2007 - Victory for Team Qatar on third positionSuccessful arrival of all three regional teams in Mongolia

Dubai. Porsche Middle East and Africa announces that Team Qatar has finished the Transsyberia Rally 2007 with an astonishing result – a podium’s position as the third team to reach the finish line. Driver Adel Hussain Abdulla and co-driver Norbert Lutteri were welcomed at the final destination with an outstanding time of 23.14.42 minutes behind the leading team.

The Middle East region was represented by three teams: Team Dubai, Team Middle East and Team Qatar. The Transsyberia Rally 2007, one of the toughest rallies worldwide, took place from the 2nd of August till the 17th of August, running over 7,100 kilometers from Moscow to the Mongolian capital Ulaanbataar. Porsche has created a limited edition series and produced a Cayenne S Transsyberia based on the new Cayenne model to compete this gruelling driving challenge.

Deesch Papke, Managing Director of Porsche Middle East and Africa commenting on the great success: “The Transsyberia Rally is a brilliant way to demonstrate the offroad superiority of our new generation Cayenne. The rally has shown that the Cayenne S Transsyberia with its extra fittings can successfully overcome challenging terrains. We had a great deal of faith in all our drivers and are extremely proud of Team Qatar’s driver Adel Hussain Abdulla and co-driver Norbert Lutteri.”

Team Qatar overcame all challenges with their Cayenne S Transsyberia and reached the finish to claim third. Commenting on the spectacular race driver Adel Hussain Abdulla states: “Over the last two weeks we have experienced stresses that couldn’t get much more extreme. It was a fantastic rally with really tough legs and great competition. The Cayenne is simply an incredible car. Reaching the overall third position is like a dream come true. This achievement was due to a constantly strong team performance and strategy.”

In fact, the other region’s teams completed the rally successfully, too. Karim Al-Azhari and Blair Cole from Team Dubai came tenth, while Saeed Al Hajri and Tim Trenker from Team Middle East arrived on a credible 17th position. The teams had all reasons to be proud when they reached Ulaanbataar in one of the most demanding rallys worldwide. Rod Miller (Team North America 2), winner of the Transsyberia Rally 2007 said: “That was the biggest motorsport challenge of my life. It’s incredible to endure such a rally in a luxury vehicle. The Cayenne handled and performed impressively on the quick sections. And offroad the Porsche constantly surprised me with its capabilities.”

The Transsyberia Rally’s onroad and offroad challenges ranged from crossing Siberian rivers to negotiating the dunes of the Gobi Desert. The sheer variety of terrain and climate that drivers had experienced during the rally presented a formidable test. Almost 7,100 km were covered on public roads, gravel tracks and the toughest trial stages. Besides the qualities of the car, it was the driver’s and co-driver’s skills that were tested to the fullest. A real adventure and a great experience for man and machine.


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