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The seventies


Now power play is really the name of the game: starting in September, the six-cylinder featured in the 911 grows once again, displacing 2341cc and introducing a new power and performance league once again: 911 T (130bhp/96kW), 911 E (165bhp/121kW), 911 S (190bhp/140kW). Porsche also puts on the pressure with its "small" model, building 11,916 sports cars featuring the ultra-powerful six-cylinder (2341cc, 190bhp/140kW), following the two 914/8 models with an 8-cylinder racing engine already built two years before (2997cc, but varying in power: 260bhp/191kW and 300bhp/221kW). The 260bhp 914/8 goes to Professor Ferry Porsche for his 50th birthday.


The Porsche 911Carrera RS 2.7 (2687cc, 210bhp/154kW) and the Porsche 2.8 Carrera RSR(2806cc, 300bhp/ 221kW) pave the way for further growth. Destined mainly for motor racing, these new models introduce a clearly visible aerodynamic body feature for the first time: the ducktail rear spoiler on the engine compartment lid. The Porsche 914 receives extra power, now featuring a larger four-cylinder from VW (1971cc, 100bhp/74kW) helping the "small" Porsche to remain a genuine best seller.


Following the plant shut-down in summer the new model range reveals significant modifications in body design, the bumpers now complying with US regulations and featuring impact absorbers at either side. The 2.7-litre power unit (210bhp/154kW) is introduced as standard in the Porsche 911. New models are the Carrera RS 3.0 sports version (2994cc, 230bhp/168kW) and the Carrera RSR 3.0 (2994cc, 330bhp/241kW) featuring a large rear wing and flared wheel arches with special air intakes. Within the 914 series a 1.8-litre version (1795cc, 85bhp/63kW) replaces the former 1.7-litre engine.


In autumn the first Porsche Turbo code-named the 930 (2994cc, 260bhp/191kW) sees the light of day, providing the foundation for various racing models code-named the 935 in the years to follow, with maximum output up to 850bhp. The 911 is available in three versions with the same 2687cc displacement engine but different levels of power: 911 (150bhp/110kW), 911 S (175bhp/129kW) and the Carrera (210bhp/154kW). The sales split is almost exactly 50:50.


The Porsche 911enters the 1976 model year with only very minor modifications. Output of the "basic" version is boosted to 165bhp/121kW, the 911 S is dropped from the range. The Carrera 3.0 (2994cc, 200bhp/147kW) is dropped after the plant shut-down in summer. In their last year of production, all models in the Porsche 914 range receive a two-liter power unit, with a reduction in compression and output to 95bhp/70kW. In autumn the 912 E (available only in the USA) also featuring a VW power unit (1971cc, 90bhp/66kW) joins the 914 in the market.


Porsche's new entry-level model is the 924, the first-ever Porsche with a water-cooled engine fitted up front - an engine supplied by Audi (1984cc, 125bhp/92kW). The 911 model range continues with a 2.7-litre power unit as well as the 3.0-litre in the Carrera, output remaining unchanged in both cases. The bodyshell hot-galvanized on both sides significantly extends the life-cycle of all Porsche models as of the 1976 model year.


The Porsche 928 launched in autumn 1977 is the new top model conceived as the successor to the 911. Its V8 power unit boasts American dimensions (4474cc, 240bhp/177kW). Starting in autumn, all models in the 911 range receive the 3.0-litre engine with the same output (180bhp/132kW) no longer comparable to the former performance figures due to the new emission standards in the market. The Turbo engine becomes larger and even more powerful (3299cc, 300bhp/221kW). Sales of the 924 remain at a good level, the 911 is a stable performer as before, and demand for the Turbo as well as the 928 continues to develop positively. From now on the 911 bears the model name "Porsche911 SC".


The 928 becomes the first and so far only sports car in the world to be voted Car of the year.


Output of the 911 increases slightly to 188bhp/138kW. The 924 Turbo also comes close to this figure, at 170bhp/125kW. With its technical features remaining unchanged, the 928 sees an increase in production and sales, the 924 remaining Porsche's best seller.