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Porsche - Techno Classica 2005

Techno Classica 2005

This was the fantastic report on this year’s event, which ran from 7th to 10th April.

”Anyone who wants to find out how the wheels turn in both vintage and more recent models simply cannot miss this Number 1 meeting point”, claims Anton Leon Franssen with regard to Techno Classica. The current figures confirm all too clearly the opinion of the Managing Director of SIHA GmbH, which is responsible for organising this Vintage World trade fair in Essen. 1021 exhibitors from 15 nations, including more than 130 clubs and restorers, 2500 vehicles on show and a new record of 141,100 visitors – this was the fantastic report on this year’s event, which ran from 7th to 10th April.

It’s no wonder that even the tradition-conscious car manufacturers are hugely committed to taking part in this trade fair. The Porsche make was presented particularly successfully and not only because the stand was located in one of the nicest pavilions. The vehicles from the eight representative Porsche Clubs excited and enthralled the Porsche fans who had travelled from far and wide. Interested in what he saw, Dr. Path from PC Great Britain hovered around the 944 Turbo S exhibit and asked for technical details. Walter Näher continually had to recount the history of his orange-coloured 914-6 GT company rallye car, which attracted the attention of the visitors with its freshly restored look and contemporary sponsor stickers. “People come up to us again and again with sales offers”, says Udo Breuer from the Porsche 914 Club – another reason for the countless talks held here by the Club representatives.

Some visitors took pleasure in simply looking at the red 968 Coupé, the white 928 GTS, the 911 RS Safari company car or the diesel standard. Others wanted to talk to the Porsche Club representatives, or they even joined one of the Porsche Classic Clubs at the fair. “We already have nine new members”, enthused Margitta Beil-Hildebrand from Porsche 356 Club Deutschland after three of the four fair days. The Club brought along a spruced-up 356 A Convertible D to Essen.

The customer centre employees had the best of advice for anyone who came looking for information on restoration or spare parts for this or any other classic Porsche car. A Porsche Carrera RS 2.7, a cross-sectional model of a 911, consisting of one door and parts of the adjacent wing, and a 930 turbocharged engine shown in cross-section were used as visual objects.

The central starting point was the consulting counter, where Porsche Classic employees showed the spare parts catalogue on computer screens and were able to confirm the availability of certain parts on the spot. Of course, many people made sure to get hold of the voucher that was on offer, which entitles them to have the condition of their classic Porsche checked out in Plant I in Zuffenhausen.

Right beside the consulting counter, the visitors could see spare parts production at Porsche ‘live’. Two employees - watched closely by numerous curious individuals - demonstrated the work and skill involved in covering a steering wheel or the cassette box in a Porsche 928, for example, with leather.

But Porsche also demonstrated its competence in other areas apart from restoration issues. Using a modern 911 Carrera, the visitors were impressed with the possibilities offered by the Exclusive range of products for enhancing a Porsche, while the successful motorsport history was symbolised by a 935 Baby – a 1.4-litre turbo-engine model used only twice, which won in the small division of the German Motor Racing Championship at the racing in Hockenheim in 1977.

However, this car from the Porsche Museum was not for sale, just like all the other vehicles at the stand. Still, all kinds of Porsche accessories could be purchased from the Porsche Driver's Selection direct sales counter – and indeed, these sold like hot cakes. It was a successful fair all-round and anyone who wasn’t there really missed out.