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Porsche Day Tour Black Forest

Porsche Day Tour Black Forest

A glorious day in the Black Forest doesn't depend on the weather.


Características del viaje

  • A fascinating drive through the Black Forest on winding roads
  • Lunch at the Köhlerstube in the renowned Hotel Traube Tonbach

“Silva nigra” – the dark, the gloomy, the forbidding wood was the name the Romans gave to the Black Forest, which illustrates how sinister and oppressive the impenetrable forest seemed to them then. Today the Black Forest is among the most popular holiday regions in Germany due to its varied scenery and, naturally, its many famous specialities.

Perhaps the most unusual of them: the roads. The constant shift between deep valleys, elevated mountain tracks and natural lakes gave rise to routes that are unmatched in their untamed romanticism. An enhancement of the region's fascination seems scarcely possible, unless you are enjoying the drive in a Porsche.

Your itinerary

Ludwigsburg – Baiersbronn – Ludwigsburg

The day tour starts in Ludwigsburg where your Porsche is already waiting for you to get in and start the engine. Easily, of course. Now you are ready to steer a direct course to the Black Forest. You can't help but be impressed by the unspoilt nature, but even more so by the number of bends and the sheer pleasure of driving on the Black Forest High Road. It's a peerless driving experience.

Lunch will be served in the Köhlerstube at the renowned Traube Tonbach hotel which promises to make the day even more special from a culinary perspective with regional and international dishes created by chef Florian Stolte. Afterwards it's back through the splendour of the Black Forest's natural beauty to Ludwigsburg, where your day tour comes to an end after a full day.

Fechas Precios
9. may 2015
18. jul 2015
26. sep 2015
per person

Euro 550,-
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For more information, please contact

+49 (0) 711 911-23360

or e-mail us at info@porschetravelclub.de

Minimum no. of participants:
8 people per group

Package includes:
• 1 day driving experience in a provided Porsche (2 people per vehicle)
• 1 lunch

Para este viaje rigen condiciones de pago y anulación diferentes (véase Condiciones de viaje Porsche Travel Club.)