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Porsche Engineering concludes cooperation agreement with Tongji UniversityStrong commitment in China is intensified

Stuttgart/Shanghai. In June 2014, Porsche Engineering Group GmbH, the engineering services provider based in Weissach, signed a comprehensive co-operation agreement with Tongji University in Shanghai in the People's Republic of China. The aim of the agreement is to carry out extensive co-operation work in the fields of research, engineering and education. "This agreement strengthens the commitment of the engineering services by Porsche in China and expands the existing co-operation with Tongji," emphasised Wolfgang Hatz, Member of the Executive Board - Research and Development of Porsche AG and Chairman of the Shareholders' Committee of Porsche Engineering.

"Firstly, this will help us in future to meet the wishes of our Chinese customers more flexibly and efficiently and secondly, it also intensifies our exchange with the research and scientific community, with institutes and with undergraduate students and doctoral students studying at the renowned University of Tongji," added Hatz.

"The University of Tongji sees an opportunity to strengthen education at the technical faculties through close co-operation with Porsche Engineering and intensify ties to industry," replied Professor Yu, President of the Automotive College at the University of Tongji.

The University of Tongji has an excellent global reputation in the engineering sciences and beyond. For this reason Porsche Engineering intends to enter into close exchange in the fields of science, research, teaching and applied sciences

along the lines of the successful co-operation between their subsidiary in Prague and the Czech Technical University in Prague. Co-operation will focus on joint activities in the fields of aerodynamics, thermodynamics, test bench tests and analyses.

Porsche Engineering and the University of Tongji have already been working together for a long time. This is an ideal way to intensify customer relations in this region. Malte Radmann, Managing Director of Porsche Engineering, emphasises: "We meet the complex requirements of local customers with high quality standards and integrated project teams. The Tongji co-operation provides us with a further module to cover the whole spectrum of customer orders."

Porsche Engineering Group GmbH, Weissach, is a premium engineering services provider for car manufacturers, the automotive parts industry and other sectors. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of sports car manufacturer Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart. In this way Porsche Engineering combines the nature of a perfectly networked medium-sized company in south-west Germany with the experience of a globally successful car manufacturer. Its engineers work out new unusual ideas for cars, vehicles and industrial products. On behalf of clients they develop a wide range of solutions – from the conception of individual components and the design of complex modules through to the planning and implementation of complete developments including production start-up management. All this is also backed by the experience of Porsche, the series manufacturer. The Nardò Technical Centre in southern Italy, which has been part of Porsche since 2012, offers both the company and its customers extensive facilities for testing and conducting trials. Engineering services for external customers are a cornerstone of the Porsche identity and an important part of Porsche. However, the public knows little about this. Porsche Engineering operates according to a policy of strict confidentiality to ensure that product strategies and the brand identities of its customers are always protected with the greatest care.



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