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Porsche Boxster - Hood


Fully electric hood

Think a sense of freedom isn’t available at the push of a button? Think again. The Boxster models are equipped as standard with a fully electric hood. With the engine running, the opening and closing processes are completed in around nine seconds. The hood is operable up to a speed of 50 km/h (approx. 30 mph).

The hood design blends in elegantly with the contouring of the Boxster models. As a key design feature, it accentuates the new, stretched side view of the vehicle. The hood flows backwards and sweeps into the body. The especially powerful silhouette promises excellent dynamic performance and delivers impressive aerodynamics.

The hood stows away compactly above the engine compartment without reducing the luggage compartment volume. The hood motor runs exceptionally quietly and the modern soundproofing fabric is robust and improves interior acoustics. The large rear screen is made from glass and is electrically heated and scratch-resistant, so you can continue to enjoy your freedom whatever the weather.

Wind deflector

A wind deflector is available as an option. It reduces air turbulence in the cabin and fits easily to the roll-over bar.