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Efficiency 911 Turbo S

Porsche 911 Turbo S - Efficiency


Thermal management

The thermal management system regulates the temperature in the engine and gearbox through the intelligent manipulation of heat flow. In this way, the engine and gearbox reach their optimum operating temperature sooner. As a result, fuel consumption is reduced by means of the increased combustion efficiency and lubrication performance.

Auto start/stop function

The auto start/stop function is standard in the 911 Turbo models. When the speed falls below 7 km/h and the car is decelerating normally, the engine switches off. For example, as you are approaching a red traffic light.

Audio and communication systems remain switched on. The climate control continues to maintain your selected temperature. The engine starts again when you release the brake or move the steering wheel.

The auto start/stop function may remain inactive under particular circumstances, for example: extreme outside temperatures, when the SPORT button is selected or if battery charge is low. It is also possible to deactivate the function manually using a separate button on the centre console.

Electrical system recuperation

The 911 Turbo models are also equipped as standard with fuel-saving electrical system recuperation technology. The vehicle battery is recharged by the alternator, predominantly under braking. Under acceleration, on the other hand, the power draw of the alternator is limited to increase the engine output available for driving. The electrical systems are supplied by the electrical energy stored during the recharging process.