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Porsche - Colors and materials

Colors and materials

Exceptional, extravagant, exquisite, excellent, exact.
In a word: Exclusive.

We can offer an exclusive range of colors and materials for you to choose from when designing your new Porsche – both inside and outside. Individual colors for the interior and exterior and also fine woods and high-quality materials such as aluminium, carbon, stainless steel, Alcantara and leather to enhance the interior. You can find out what is possible at your local Porsche dealer. Or contact the Porsche Exclusive Customer Center in Zuffenhausen directly for an individual consultation.


Leather is a traditional natural material – a true classic. Items made of leather are both timeless and hardwearing.


This high-quality material is easy-care, washable and has a pleasant feel.

Macassar wood

Macassar ebony is dark and distinctive with a modern, elegant look. The deep black heartwood has irregular reddish-brown streaks and a dramatic, marble-like texture.

Light olive wood*

This exquisite ash trim with olive-look grain (high-gloss or satin finish) provides elegance and individuality.

Dark walnut wood*

Use this dark wood trim to create an ambience of classic luxury inside your Cayenne.

Carbon fibre

Carbon is a light but highly-durable material which has its origins in motor racing. Its high-tech look gives a sporty feel to the interior.


Aluminium or Aluminium Look paint sets clear accents and emphasises a no-frills sporting approach.

Stainless steel

Stainless steels are especially pure alloy or non-alloy steels – and they look absolutely first class.

* available only for Cayenne models

** not available for Cayenne models