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Porsche - Data recording

Data recording

Cherish the memory of your performance.
For many years to come.

Why just keep the memory of your best moments on the track in your head? Data recording enables you to analyse your driving performance afterwards on your own PC. Here’s how it works: a data and video recording system installed in the vehicle uses a GPS sensor to determine vehicle parameters such as acceleration or deceleration. You can use this to graphically evaluate the route you have taken. Compare your selected racing line, for instance, with reference data from previous drives and benefit from an objective analysis of your driving style.

Simply take all of the recorded data and video sequences home with you on a USB memory stick. You can then use these as a reference when developing your skills on your next driver training course.

The system can either be installed in a Porsche hire car or in your own vehicle. This offer is only available in conjunction with the services of a personal instructor and is recommended for Performance, Master or Master RS and Super Sport levels in particular.