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Materials and recycling Macan Turbo

Porsche Macan Turbo - Materials and recycling

Materials and recycling


Long-life and hard-wearing materials reduce maintenance items to a minimum. At the time of an oil filter change, for example, only the recycling-friendly paper insert needs to be exchanged and not the entire housing.

Moving parts are adjusted automatically, e.g. by hydraulic valve clearance compensation.

The use of individual ignition coils in petrol engines makes the entire ignition system, except for the spark plugs, wearand maintenance-free. Advantage for you? If it doesn't need replacing, it doesn't need to be disposed of. Not only does this support the responsible handling of resources and a caring attitude towards the environment, it saves you time and money.

The maintenance intervals of the Macan models nevertheless depend on various factors, including the local fuel grade. For exact information, please refer to the price list published in your country or consult your Porsche Centre.

Materials and recycling

A Porsche is a source of long-lasting pleasure for our customers and a refreshing change for their environment. This Porsche principle can be summed up in one word: sustainability.

Here's just one example: the exhaust system of the Macan models is made from extremely corrosion-resistant stainless steel – and purposefully manufactured on the principles of lightweight construction. In addition, our cars are free from CFCs and parts manufactured with the use of CFCs. In all, they are over 95 % recoverable. Naturally, all statutory recycling requirements are fulfilled. The labelling of materials facilitates future sorting for excellent recycling.

On the subject of recycling, there is plenty of time before it is even needed. Two-thirds of all Porsche cars ever built are still being driven today. What better way to conserve resources?

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Materials and recycling