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Recycling Boxster

Porsche Boxster - Recycling


Intelligent lightweight construction has been fundamental to the Porsche identity since 1948 for both technical and ecological reasons. This forms the basis for achieving low fuel consumption values in conjunction with outstanding performance.

On the technical side, various components are made with a high proportion of aluminium, magnesium, plastics and super-high-strength sheet steel. The materials used have been selected for their ability to withstand load, yet they are considerably lighter than conventional steel. As a result, the bodyshell of the Boxster models has a light-alloy content of approximately 46 %.

On the ecological side, all materials utilised are meticulously selected. We use only innovative and environmentally friendly components. All synthetic components are easily recyclable and each material is labelled to facilitate its separation for recycling. The reduction in the number of plastic variants helps to ensure more efficient recycling. Recycled plastics are used where they meet our exacting technical requirements. In short, the Boxster is around 95 % recoverable.