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50 years ago, the ten-thousandth Porsche rolled off the lineOn March 16th 1956, the production of the ten-thousandth Porsche was celebrated – together with a company anniversary.

That day, the production at Porsche stood still. It was March 16th 1956 – an historic moment. Everyone’s attention was focussed on a blue Porsche 356 Coupé, decorated with a carnation garland, its front radiator trim adorned with daffodils. It was the ten-thousandth Porsche vehicle built, as could be seen by the large number painted onto the bonnet. This event was cause for a small celebration, the guests to which included such illustrous personalities as Ferdinand Porsche's widow, Ferry Porsche with his wife and his son Wolfgang, the Ministry of Economics’ Deputy Asistant Under-Secretary Dr Seifritz, Louise Piëch, Stuttgart’s Lord Mayor Dr Klett and representatives of other German car manufacturers, among them Volkswagen boss Dr Nordhoff and Professor Nallinger of Daimler-Benz.

In fact, the day saw the celebration of a further anniversary – 25 years of Porsche in Stuttgart. Although Ferdinand Porsche had already established an engineering firm in Stuttgart’s Kronenstrasse in December 1930, the company was not entered into the commercial registry until spring 1931.

Hans Kern, nicknamed the “Porsche Minister of Finance”, was able to present a positive company result during the celebration. The company had begun in 1931 with 13 employees. By 1955 Porsche was already employing 232 clerks and 384 workers. In 1955, around 3,000 Porsche 356 rolled off the line of which 77 percent were destined to be exported.