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Porsche 911 raffled for charityAnyone who donated to Lebenshilfe Gießen last year had the chance to win a Porsche 911 Targa. The result: never before had so many donations been received.

Lebenshilfe Gießen e.V., who have made it their cause to support and care for handicapped people, was happy to report a new donations record. Since 1995, the organisation has been raffling up to four classic vehicles a year among those people who transfer at least five euro to a special donations account. In 2005, a particularly attractive vehicle could be won: a Porsche 911 3.0 SC Targa from 1979 bearing the autograph of the former rally world champion Walter Röhrl on its bonnet.

The sports car triggered a veritable avalanche of donations. While the first campaign of this nature eleven years ago managed to collect a mere 2,500 euro, this time round a spectacular 540,000 euro found its way into the the account of Lebenshilfe Gießen. But only one of the 80,000 donors was able to win the Porsche, which, by the way, was also donated – by a collector who prefers to remain anonymous.

The draw, which took place under the vigil of a notary, determined Georg Macko from the vicinity of Heidelberg as the winner of the Zuffenhausen sports car. “I’ve always wanted a 911,” the 27-year-old oldtimer enthusiast was delighted to confess during the handover of the vehicle, which was carried out on the premises of the Motor Presse Stuttgart. It’s obvious where this desire originated. “My father drives a 911 Coupé from the same era,” the happy winner told us.