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Porsche Vehicle Sales in North America Exceed 30,000 in 2003Deliveries Doubled in December

Stuttgart. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, continues to enjoy success in North America, its most important market by far. At the Detroit Motor Show, Peter Schwarzenbauer, President of Porsche Cars North America, announced that the company delivered 30,028 vehicles to customers in the United States and Canada in the calendar year just ended. This was the second best result ever achieved by Porsche in North America – beaten only by the record year of 1986 – and corresponds to an increase of 33 per cent compared with the year 2002 (22,511 vehicles). The main driving force behind this growth was the Cayenne, Porsche’s sporty off-road vehicle, with 13,661 units delivered. As Schwarzenbauer himself says: “The Cayenne has exceeded all of our expectations and is a hit in North America.” The 911 also performed well. With 9,935 units delivered (minus 18 per cent compared with the previous year), 2003 was the third best year ever for the 911 model series in North America. 6,432 units of the Boxster were sold – down 38 per cent on the previous year.

Sales figures doubled in December. In the USA and Canada, the sports car manufacturer delivered 2,881 vehicles, representing an increase of 108 per cent compared with December 2002. The Cayenne accounted for 1,753 units. With 729 vehicles delivered, sales of the 911 model series were down 10 per cent on the previous year (811 units). 399 units of the Boxster were delivered – 31 per cent less than the same month last year (576 vehicles).

With such encouraging sales figures, Porsche is very optimistic for the year ahead. As Sales Director Hans Riedel said in Detroit: “Thanks to the Cayenne, Porsche is now in a position to pursue a consistent growth strategy even when things aren’t going so well in our core sports car business.” Porsche is aiming to achieve sales of around 35,000 vehicles in North America in the 2003/04 fiscal year (to July 31).

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