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Porsche - University students
Porsche - University students

University students

Face the challenge! Enter a fascinating world of work at Porsche and become part of the Porsche legend. Without doubt, an experience that will be a major advance for you. Are you ready?

  • Pre-study internships at Porsche
    You've just finished school. Now learn for life.   ... [more]
  • Internships at Porsche
    Theory is at it's most beautiful when applied.   ... [more]
  • Pole Position: the Porsche internship programme
    Your admission to a career at Porsche   ... [more]
  • Working student at Porsche
    Without practice, a Porsche would also only exist in theory.   ... [more]
  • International internships at Porsche
    The way to broaden your mind fully: internationally.   ... [more]
  • Practice-oriented thesis at Porsche
    Porsche would be a crowning glory for you? We believe it could be a beginning.   ... [more]
  • Cooperation
    Cooperation - Working together for more success   ... [more]
  • Scholarship
    Talent Support: Tradition at Porsche   ... [more]