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Areas of work

Porsche has a lot to offer. And a lot of functional fields in which you can work. From Research & Development to Production & Logistics to Marketing, Sales and Consulting. Just to name a few.

  • Research and Development
    Help shape the future of the Sports Car   ... [more]
  • Production and Logistics
    You can make a big difference at Porsche in Production. Because the focus here is on producing vehicles of the ... [more]
  • Marketing and Sales
    A strong brand like Porsche requires an outstanding Marketing department and an excellent Sales department. Th ... [more]
  • After Sales
    Customer care doesn't end after a car is purchased; instead, that's when it really starts. The focus in After ... [more]
  • Quality Management
    Porsche quality is legendary. And you can play a role in ensuring that this remains true. The best thing about ... [more]
  • Finance and Controlling
    You can choose between challenging controlling tasks, a demanding job in risk management or in the areas of co ... [more]
  • Procurement
    The Porsche procurement policy is focused primarily on ensuring that the high quality of our exclusive product ... [more]
  • IT
    In its cross-departmental role our IT department supports all company processes worldwide by ensuring optimal ... [more]
  • Consulting
    Porsche also leads the way in the area of consulting. The consulting companies at Porsche have comprehensive e ... [more]
  • Human Resources Management
    Motivated employees and managers are a prerequisite for a successful company. The main tasks of HR Management ... [more]