FÖRCH is one of the leading direct selling companies when it comes to automobile workshop supplies, assembly and fastening components. Wide range, excellent service, expert advice – everything just fits …

In 1963 Theo Förch founded a small business in Kochertürn, supplying fixings. With diligence, farsightedness and a keen sense for the needs of his customers he grew the company to a significant size.

In 1998, about 650 FÖRCH employees achieved a turn-over of more than 60 million Euros. This is a respectable result, but for FÖRCH it was no reason to sit back. With planned expansion, both nationally and internationally, another highly successful phase was initiated which enabled FÖRCH to open up entirely new markets.

Today the company ranks among the undisputed champions of the sector, turning around 300 million Euros, with 2,100 employees – including 1,300 sales representatives - 17 Companies.

But for all its success: FÖRCH has its feet firmly on the ground. Our sales representatives talk your language and take time for you. At FÖRCH things work - not just with regard to quality and service, but also at a personal level.