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Porsche - Hockenheimring, (GER)

Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup 2014
Round 5: 18.-20.07.2014 - FORMULA 1 GROSSER PREIS VON DEUTSCHLAND 2014, Hockenheim

The circuit

Flat-spotting is a risk when braking from over 260 kph to around 55 kph for the “Spitzkehre” and in braking for the corner prior to the Mercedes grandstand from almost 230 kph.

Understeering can be a problem at the entrance to the Motodrom, but particularly at the exit of the Sachskurve. Like in Silverstone the high-speed set-up with hard shocks, anti-roll bar and lots of camber carry a risk of high tyre wear.

Race Statistics:
Year Pole Position Fastest Lap Winner
2010 Nicolas Armindo (FRA)
1:42.516 Min.
Jaap van Lagen (NED)
1:43.425 Min.
Nicolas Armindo (FRA)
2008 Jaap van Lagen (NED)
1:42.897 min.
Jaap van Lagen (NED)
1:44.553 min.
Chris Mamerow (GER)
2006 Richard Lietz (AUT)
1:43.067 min.
Richard Lietz (AUT)
1:45.019 min.

Richard Lietz (AUT)

2005 Dirk Werner (GER)
1:42.802 min.
David Saelens (BEL)
1:45.260 min.

Fabrice Walfisch (FRA)

2004 Mike Rockenfeller (GER)
1:44.045 min.
Mike Rockenfeller (GER)
1:45.260 min.

Wolf Henzler (GER)

2003 Frank Stippler (GER)
1:45.636 min.
Frank Stippler (GER)
1:46.436 min.

Frank Stippler (GER)

2002 Stephane Ortelli (ITA)
1:46.320 min.
Stephane Ortelli (ITA)
1:46.915 min.

Marc Lieb (GER)

2001 Stephane Ortelli (ITA)
2:18.281 min.
Timo Bernhard (GER)
2:18.281 min.

Timo Bernhard (GER)

2000 Patrick Huisman (NED)
2:17.558 min.
Patrick Huisman (NEL)
2:18.770 min.

Oliver Mathai (GER)

1999 Roland Asch (GER)
2:18.099 min.
Roland Asch (GER)
2:19.153 min.

Sascha Maassen (BEL)

1998 Patrick Huisman (NED)
2:18.343 min.
Patrick Huisman (NED)
2:19.354 min.

Ralf Kelleners (GER)

1997 Dominique Dupuy (FRA)
2:21.922 min.
Horst Farnbacher (GER)
2:22.810 min.

Patrick Simon (GER)

1996 Jürgen v. Gartzen (GER)
2:22.713 min.
Patrick Huisman (NED)
2:22.113 min.

Jürgen v. Gartzen (GER)

1995 Emmanuel Collard (FRA)
2:23.197 min.
Jürgen v. Gartzen (GER)
2:24.497 min.

Roland Asch (GER)

1994 Bernd Mayländer (GER)
2:24.757 min.
Fabien Giroix (FRA)
2:24.598 min.

Fabien Giroix (FRA)

1993 Uwe Alzen (GER)
2:23.330 min.
Altfrid Heger (GER)
2:24.953 min.

Bernd Mayländer (GER)

1992 Altfrid Heger (GER)
2:21.470 min.
Altfrid Heger (GER)
2:22.430 min.

Uwe Alzen (GER)

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