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Porsche - Camp4


Several day course for first time participants

Camp4 in Levi teaches you the basics of driving in treacherous conditions. First the theory session: basics of driving safety and driving dynamics. Then practice: effective braking, changing directions and hill starts on low-traction surfaces. The Porsche Driving Experience Instructors work on special techniques with you to improve your vehicle handling on snow and ice.


After your individual arrival at Kittilä Airport you will be greeted and driven to the Hotel Levi Panorama. Enjoy a welcome drink and your dinner and meet the Porsche team as well as the other participants.

On the next morning your training starts with a short theory briefing on the topics safety-conscious driving and driving dynamics. Afterwards, Porsche instructors will teach you under controlled conditions how to drive safely on snow and ice. For instance, you will learn how to brake effectively and change direction accurately. Practise what you have learned and develope your so-called „muscle memory“. This enables you to depend on your intuition in dangerous situations.

Enjoy a snowmobile tour and discover the landscapes of Lapland in a typical way.

We will organise your shuttle bus to Kittilä Airport on your departure day.

Dates Prix
14e – 18e janv. 2015
18e – 22ème janv. 2015
22ème – 26e janv. 2015
26e – 30e janv. 2015
30e janv. – 3ème févr. 2015
Price per participant
Individual driver
Accompanying person

Euro 3,990
Euro 6,690
Euro 1,850
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For more information, please contact

+49 (0) 711 911-28900

or e-mail us at info@porschedrivingexperience.de.

- Prerequisite: none
- Duration: 5 days, 3 driving days
- Location: Porsche Driving Center, Levi
(destination airport Kittilä)
- Number of participants: max. 50 persons
- Driver training course in
Porsche 911 Carrera S models with spike tyres (1,5 mm) (2 persons per vehicle)
- Training contents: basic training on snow and ice, section training
- Porsche Driving Experience instructors and schedule
- 4 night’s accommodation with breakfast and dinner, lunch on 3 days
- Additional programme: snowmobile tour
- Transfer by shuttle bus according to itinerary (airport, hotel, driving venue)