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Porsche - Classic Philosophie

Classic Philosophie

Because it’s all about the car.
Porsche Classic.

356. For millions of people around the world, that’s nothing more than a number. For us at Porsche Classic - and for every Porsche enthusiast - it’s the start of motoring legend. The internal code for the first ever Porsche: the Type 356.

Most of the original 356 models were developed at the Porsche Werk I in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen - still the home of Porsche today.

This red-brick building represents a major milestone in the development of the Porsche marque. While much has grown up around it in the intervening years, the links with the past remain.

Today, Werk I is the ideal setting for the Customer Centre Classic. As the name suggests, this centralised resource is geared towards you, the customer. Within ist walls is everything you need to maintain your classic Porsche. Options range from repair, servicing, car care and restoration to genuine Porsche parts. The Customer Centre Classic caters for all Porsche models which ceased production more than 10 years ago. In other words, the 356, 914, 959 and 911 up to and including Types 964 and 993, as well as all four and eight-cylinder Porsche road vehicles such as the 924, 928, 944 and 968. Additionally there are two newcomers in the Porsche Classic range: the Porsche Boxster, Type 986 and the Porsche 911, Type 996.

For many of these cars, the journey to Werk I is a return to where it all began. Where better to care for your classic Porsche. The Customer Centre Classic in Werk I, Zuffenhausen, is staffed exclusively by Porsche specialists.

While their individual job descriptions are many and varied, they are, above all, enthusiasts. A passion for the marque is combined with knowledge of each model, skilled craftsmanship and an expert eye for detail.

As a Porsche Classic customer, you can rest assured that your car is in the right hands. As well as serving owners worldwide, we perform all restoration work on Porsche Museum cars.

The wealth of experience available to you has been acquired over many decades. Today, it’s applied with exceptional results in the repair, servicing, care and restoration of classic Porsche models.

Every part within every assembly is key to the originality of the car. To maintain that integrity, we place particular importance on the quality of new spare parts. Wherever possible, these are obtained from the original manufacturers. If that’s no longer feasible, we find alternative sources that manufacture parts which are as close as possible to the original specifications in terms of design, performance and safety. Our current parts catalogue has approximately 52,000 items.

Whatever the project, we always combine the best of past and present.