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Porsche - Telemetric


The final tool to define your driving skills. After successfully completing the Performance level, you are invited to take the next step – the Telemetric.

During the one-day Telemetric training, the Porsche Sport Driving School takes you into the details of data recording and analysis, under the personal guidance of an international and local instructor for the entire day. This course offers many hours of free driving on the track, constantly accompanied by our data recording system and instructor in the car – keeping track of your improvement every step of the way. At the completion of your training, your international instructor will analyse the recorded data by combining your speed, acceleration and braking forces in coordination with video footage of your ideal line.

With the tips and tricks learnt during Telemetric training, and personalised driving data monitoring your performance, you will have the opportunity to enormously improve your driving performance. And for that extra progress reference point, you can even compare your racing data with a recorded lap time from your instructor.

For the most personal driving experience we provide 911 Carrera S , Carrera 4S and 911 Turbo – offering a unique chance to experience this sports car icon. With such a personalised course, Telemetric training is strictly limited to eight participants.

English language skills are requested. However, translators can be organised if required. Please let us know in advance.

Price: RMB 51,000
Location: Shanghai International Circuit only
Required level: Master