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Porsche - Performance


If Precision has given you renewed driving ambitions. It is time to discover the next stage in Performance. This course is for advanced participants who have already completed the Precision level. Lasting for two days, the driving safety course mainly concentrates on further improving your vehicle control.

Participants should possess certain knowledge, such as how to find the most suitable seat position develop optimum vision control, response correctly when the vehicle threatens to oversteer.

In addition to an in-depth theory session, the first day includes a chance to familiarize yourself with the respective sequence of bends. The choice of sections that focus on specific driving skills, in particular following the ideal line and the resulting load changing reactions, is aimed at further improving your command of the vehicle.

Effective braking when entering a corner and avoiding unnecessary steering inputs are primarily a question of practice. This is why you spend as much time as possible behind the steering wheel. One of the main onroad training modules is lapping, which is given further attention during this course. Here, you have the opportunity to put your knowledge and skills to the test over the entire circuit, while the instructor monitors your driving before assessing your progress. However the emphasis is on improving your driving skills rather than driving at high speed.

The Performance also is the first training that offers you a free driving session on the entire track.That’s also why you please bring you helmet with you. If you don’t own a helmet we provide you helmets to use in the two day course for free.

Required level: Precision
Price: from 21,000 RMB
All-in-One Package available
Next level up: Master