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Porsche - Data Recording

Data Recording

GPS enhanced video logging is fast becoming an essential tool for drivers and vehicle development. Our data recording system is widely regarded as one of the very best in-car video systems available, both in video quality, flexibility, update rate, resolution of the graphics and reliability.

This GPS enhanced video logger not only produces exciting in-car video footage, but also allows you to carry out in-depth driver and vehicle analysis. Multiple camera angles and overlaid graphical data provide extensive information about your driving and vehicle performance, allowing you to improve both areas with one tool.

A wide variety of professional drivers and driver coaches rely on data recording to provide their in-car video/data solutions. Now, the Porsche Sport Driving School is offering this professional tool to improve the driving of Porsche owners in China. To maximise your success, the use of the data recording system is only possible with a Personal Instructor. Your Personal Instructor will spend two days accompanying you in your car, providing constant feedback and evaluation of your data recordings.

Simply choose one of our highly professional Chinese or International Instructors and a data recording system to get the maximum benefit from your Porsche Sport Driving School training. If you arrive with your own car, we need half an hour prior to the event to install the system. And at the conclusion of your training, we will provide you with a 4GB USB stick to take home your recorded files. As a further back up, we recommend you that you bring a portable hard-drive or laptop as an additional data storage for your two days of sport driving excitement.

One day: 15,000 RMB
Two day: 24,000 RMB
Plus: Participation Fee or All-in-One Fee