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April - June

J.D. Power study confirms that Porsche quality continues to impressSatisfaction among Porsche customers in the USA at an all-time high

Stuttgart. Porsche vehicles are successfully meeting the very highest standards of quality in the USA, the largest export market for the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer. This is the conclusion to which US market research institute J.D. Power has come as a result of its latest “Initial Quality Study” opinion poll, which was published today.

A total of around 97,000 buyers of new cars confirmed Porsche’s outstanding reputation for quality – just as in 2006, Porsche secured first place in the prestigious nameplate ranking, beating Japanese Toyota subsidiary Lexus, followed by Lincoln, Honda and Mercedes-Benz.

J.D. Power assesses the level of satisfaction among buyers of new cars during the first 90 days following delivery of the vehicles. On the basis of a catalog of 228 criteria, customers are asked to give their impression of quality and workmanship.

The Porsche Boxster came out best in class in the “Compact Premium Sporty Car Segment,” ahead of the Mercedes CLK and SLK models. The Cayman, next in line, finished in fourth place in its first full US year. The classic Porsche 911 Carrera ranked a close second behind the Mercedes SL in the “Premium Sporty Car” category.