Porsche Leipzig GmbH

Since December 2002 the Cayenne has been built here. In August 2003 production began on a limited number of 1270 Porsche Carrera GTs. By May 2006 three of these super sports cars were being hand assembled each day. From 2009 a fourth series, the four-door, four-seater, sports coupé Panamera, will be built at the Leipzig plant. The vehicles built in Leipzig are truly extraordinary.

Porsche is more than just a production site in Leipzig, however. Step into another world: with a factory collection, driver training - both on and off-road, a tour of the plant, at events held on the site.

Embark on a voyage of discovery. Although it is hard to put the emotions involved in creating a Porsche into words, in Leipzig it is possible to experience these. There is a great deal to see.

Visit the Porsche Leipzig Website.

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