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Porsche - Price List 2014

Price List 2014

Prices at a glance

 (incl. GST)
Advanced Driver Training Defensive
Techniques (for drivers of all standards)
Precision Plus
(incl. GST)
Advanced Driver Training, Car Control
and Defensive Driving Techniques
(incl. GST)
Designed to develop your car control
skills further with advance tuition on
steering and cornering on a racetrack circuit.
(incl. GST)
Specifically designed for drivers/owners
to take their driving skills to the next
level in a 911 GT3 Road Car.
GT3 Cup
(incl. GST)
This course provides coaching and
instruction in advanced race craft and
data usage.

All courses include the use of brand new Porsche 911’s, Boxster’s, Cayman’s and Cayenne representing the model range 2014 and updated each model year.

Insurance, sun hats, a buffet lunch and refreshments are provided for your comfort and protection through out each day.

Comfortable, smart casual clothing is recommended, bearing in mind the warm, sunny Queensland climate.

Sensible shoes for driving are essential because the bulk of your day will be spent in the drivers seat.  We suggest a comfortable shoe without a pronounced lip around the sole and no aggressive tread pattern.