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Porsche Boxster - Idea


Spending time in the virtual world can be great fun. The only thing is, you can’t feel the wind against your skin as you accelerate through every twist and turn. The Boxster celebrates real life. Whether it is known as a design classic, a powerful mid-engined sports car or a pure-bred roadster, it...

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Porsche Boxster - Engineering Boxster

Engineering Boxster

What use is expertise if it isn’t put into practice and applied to the road?

In the Boxster, the 2.7-litre horizontally opposed six cylinder engine delivers 195 kW (265 hp); in the Boxster S, the 3.4-litre equivalent generates 232 kW (315 hp). Both mid-mounted engines feature direct fuel injection...

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Porsche Boxster - Exterior


We have redefined the Boxster in terms of its performance, and defined how the roadster of the future should look. In doing so, we have once again succeeded in creating an icon of independence. Just like its legendary predecessors, including the 550 Spyder, it is a Porsche that continues to...

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Porsche Boxster - Interior


The interior of the Boxster models delivers exactly what the exterior promises. Light, uncluttered and defined; everything is conceived with one goal in mind: the perfect drive.

The power, the contouring, the driver’s vision, indeed the entire concept, are all drawn in the direction of travel. The...

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