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Porsche Tyre and Rim Insurance

Porsche Tyre and Rim Insurance

Porsche Tyre & Rim Insurance provides cover for the tyres and wheel rims on your Porsche when you need it most. If your tyres or rims get damaged, you want the superior protection of a policy that will get your car back on the road – fast!

Porsche Tyre & Rim Insurance is a simple and cost effective solution to help you and your car remain on the road, providing protection* against:

  • Tyres punctured or damaged by a pothole, kerb, nail, screw, metal, glass, road debris or a blowout
  • Any wheel rim becoming cracked, warped or misshapen by a pothole, kerb or road debris

We will also pay up to $120 to tow your Porsche to the nearest repairer or place of safety.

* For more information ask your Porsche Business Manager or phone Porsche Insurance on 1300 711 911 for a quotation.

For more information download the full brochure

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