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Porsche - AvD Vintage Car Grand Prix at the Nürburgring

AvD Vintage Car Grand Prix at the Nürburgring

Anyone wanting to experience historic racing and sports cars in action simply cannot miss out on the AvD Vintage Car Grand Prix.

The thirty-third occasion of this captivating event, which took place from 12 to 14 August on the Nürburgring, again attracted thousands of lovers of classic cars to the Eifel region of Germany. The attraction of the event is not only based on the 600 or so starters, who fought for positions and victory in numerous races with their high-carat cars, but also on the attractive supporting programme.

Consequently, fans of the Porsche brand also know that in addition to the electric racing atmosphere at the OGP, there is also loads of information on Porsche and fascinating things to do. Seldom have so many Porsche vehicles been assembled in one place as at this year’s OGP. They started to gather early in the morning, the 356s, the 911s of every model year, the 914s, the front-engined 924, 928, 944 and 968, the Boxster and the Cayenne. Even two Carrera GTs and a 959 were there this time. A separate parking area is allocated to each model series, turning the Mercedes arena into the world’s largest Porsche museum for the weekend.

Anyone who parks their Porsche here has bought a VIP package from Porsche Classic, which enjoys increasing popularity from year to year. In addition to the parking area, the package also includes the entry tickets and access to the hospitality tent with its usual excellent service and a terrace with a view across the race track. Comprehensive information was available to all visitors. This included an impressive display at the Porsche Customer Centre, which presented two eye-catching Porsche racing cars from the Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen: a Formula 2 from 1960 and a Formula 1 from 1962. Not to forget the Porsche 718/8 RS Spyder from 1962 recently restored at the Customer Centre which paid impressive testimony to the quality of a works restoration project.

The Porsche employees on hand had to answer numerous question on the topics of restoration and finding spare parts, and many interested visitors were happy to stand in the “living workshop” and watch leather trim being applied to a steering wheel. In a neighbouring tent, the Exclusive and Tequipment department displayed two personalised 997s, while the Koblenz Porsche Centre presented the 911 Carrera Cup and a few new vehicles. The computer game, Need for Speed, and the Carrera racetrack were especially attractive to younger people, while some adults, who would have loved to do a couple of quick laps in a real car, enthusiastically studied the historic 911 racer, GT3 RS, 996 GT3 Cup and the Porsche works 997 GT3 Cup, presented by the Siegen Porsche Centre and Knebel Motorsport.

The information booths of Porsche Club Customer Care, the Porsche Travel Club and the Selection truck with its extensive range of accessories were located opposite the hospitality tent, where two Porsche tractors had also been positioned. But that was far from all! Employees from Porsche partner companies, such as shock absorber manufacturer Koni or seal specialist ElringKlinger, were on hand to answer everyone’s questions. One highlight, in the truest sense of the word, was provided by Porsche logistics partner Hendricks. The forwarding agent had brought along a crane with a viewing platform attached to its hook. For a donation to Stuttgarter Herzsport e.V, visitors could stand on the platform and be lifted 35 to 40 metres into the air. “Only from up here do you get a real idea of the size of the Porsche area,” said an amazed member of PC Italia.

In addition to the various German Porsche Clubs, increasing numbers of foreign club members are finding their way to the OGB, be they from Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium or Denmark. Groups from the clubs in Spain, England and Italy continue to turn up in considerable force, but this time the Porsche Club from Norway put everyone else in the shade. While some 20 members turned up five years ago, this weekend saw around 90 of the present 850 members of the Norwegian Club appear at the Nürburgring. Over 40 of them drove to the event, such as Frederik Christensen in his 924 Carrera GT. “I drove 1,012 kilometres to get here,” he said proudly. His orange-coloured T-shirt also revealed the reason for the large gathering of Porsche drivers from the north of Europe: “Porsche Club Norway – 25th Anniversary”. Club President Steinmar Salminen explained why the club chose to celebrate its anniversary at the OGP: “Because we really like this event.” An opinion that was clearly shared by many others.