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Archive 2008

First exhibits on display in the new Porsche Museum80 vehicles comprehensively restored

Porsche’s new museum at the company’s headquarters in Zuffenhausen is fast approaching completion.

Interior work on the second floor is largely finished, meaning that the first 12 exhibition vehicles will be installed today. The relocation of all 80 exhibits to the new museum will be completed in the days to come.

The vehicles have for now been stored in an off-premises warehouse in Zwingenberg am Neckar awaiting transport to the museum. The first exhibits to go on display in the museum today include, among others, a 356 Cabriolet, an original ‘11’ model and the first prototype of the 924.

"In the last few weeks, we have comprehensively restored all the vehicles and polished them up for their display in the museum," says Klaus Bischof, head of the ‘Rolling Museum’.

In addition to the exhibition vehicles, the small exhibits and show cabinets have also been set up. This means the next step of lighting the cars in the museum will take place soon.

As virtually all Porsche museum vehicles are also used on the road and are therefore continuously being replaced by other vehicles, the exhibition will constantly change its appearance.

As a result, visitors will in future be able to discover different Porsche rarities in the new museum on a regular basis.

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