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Porsche enters a new digital agePorsche Cars Australia launches new website

Porsche is once again setting benchmarks with the design of its new website, being one of the many changes the brand is implementing in the lead up to the launch of the new Porsche Macan.

Porsche Intensified – this is how Porsche describes the essence of the Macan, focusing on the intensive driving experience and intensive lifestyle of a new target group. Whilst the group is still considered a typically Porsche audience, it is slightly younger and more cosmopolitan than Porsche’s current clientele.

The campaign of the Macan revolves around an innovative yet comprehensive online platform that allows various social media channels to be used for even greater user interaction.

A uniform experience – The new Porsche Website
The online activities for launching the Macan go hand-in-hand with the relaunch of the entire Porsche online presence.

This begins with the Porsche website: www.porsche.com.au. Australia is one of the first five countries to launch this new platform, which enables a more personalised website experience for all users. The design of porsche.com (which is utilised globally) is top ranking in external evaluations done by leading companies such as JD Power and Psyma*.

The site is set up so it brings forward the emotional content, including increased use of video and interactive features. The page is visually dominated by image graphs and icons, to help give users concise, accurate and visually appealing information without the need to scroll through paragraphs of text.

One of the greatest features of the site is optimisation for all screen sizes and independent of devices – desktop, iPad and smartphone. No matter what device is being used to access the site, the content looks, presents, and reads in exactly the same way.

"The new porsche.com.au website is more than a facelift, it's an all-new layout and navigation, reflecting Porsche's distinctive design, intuitive technology and high performance attributes", says Director of Marketing, Kevin Nicholls.

“With the manufacturer's website now a primary research tool for buyers, as well as a source of information for fans, creating a positive, lasting impression and providing a contemporary and high quality user experience is a priority for Porsche. By offering emotive videos, extensive interactive features and the latest Porsche news and information across all devices, the new site delivers best practice in website design and online communication".

*First place in the MWES index (quality of content, navigation, appearance and data transfer speed) in the J.D. Power Manufacturer Website Evaluation Stud, 2013.