The Experience

The Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta will offer a wide range of unforgettable driving courses.

Driving enthusiasts can sign up for sessions with highly trained Porsche driving consultants, while new drivers can enroll in programs that teach technique for navigating today's challenging roadways. The Porsche Driving Experience isn't just for adults - special programs for kids will ensure that even young enthusiasts get an early start in the art of automobile appreciation. Facilities, including track access, dining and conference spaces, will also be open to car clubs, corporate clients, and other special groups.

The dedicated Porsche Tracks provide a unique and challenging driving environment that allows the performance and dynamics of a Porsche car to be fully explored. As each Porsche Driving Experience offers one-to-one instruction we can tailor your 60 minutes to your exact requirements, whether you are looking to try out the four wheel drive system on the latest Porsche 911 or get a better understanding of car control in the Boxster on our unique low friction surfaces.